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March Music 2020

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 09/01/2020

There are some teachers who like to plan months in advance. I am not one of those teachers, but I do know what I will be doing come March. My classes will be engaged in our 7th annual music competition. Our competition takes 16 songs that have been released since last year (current music!) and students vote on their favorite song to advance to the next round.

We have set up our March Music Madness 2020 headquarters (the same place where voting will take place) at

In the meantime, we have set up the “SpanishPlans March Music Madness” Facebook Group for teachers to collaborate, ask questions, and get the sneak peek of this year...

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Frase Secreta: Spanish Passwords

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 02/01/2020

With a new year upon us, now is the perfect time to start a new routine in your classroom. I know most teachers are familiar with the work of Harry Wong, but how many of us apply those practices every day despite their incredible benefits? Let’s take a look at the reasons for implementing a “greeting” system into your class:

  1. We acknowledge and honor a student’s presence.
  2. We model proper social behavior in welcoming someone’s arrival.
  3. It establishes a positive classroom climate in which students feel a sense of connection and belonging.
  4. It establishes a positive relationship between teacher and student.
  5. Research* has shown it increases student engagement in class.
  6. Research* has shown it decreases...
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December Raffle

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 15/12/2019

Still 15 days to participate in our largest raffle ever! Head over to our rafflecopter and earn as many entries as you can in the next 15 days to be eligible to win one of these amazing prizes:


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With the release of a new graphic novel by the Señor Wooly company, we wanted to give you some ideas on how you can teach with a graphic novel. If you are not ready or don’t have the funds to purchase a class set, don’t worry… graphic novels are a great addition to your FVR classroom library that students will be motivated to read on their own. However, if you have a class set you can also use it as a little unit. So here are some tips on teaching the graphic novel “Billy y Las Botas”:


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Publicado en SpanishPlans el 01/12/2019

In the past, we’ve used our Passport Template to include stamp-able pages in the...

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In the past, we’ve used our Passport Template to include stamp-able pages in the...

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Graphic Novel Winners

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 23/11/2019

With over 400 entries, we are pleased to annouce the winners of our Graphic Novel Raffle: Melanie M, Zack D, and Elizabeth D. Winners have been emailed.

Melanie was our grand prize winner and will be receiving 2 Graphic novels straight from Colombia (Toy Story 4 and Coco), 2 Senor Wooly Graphic Novels (La Casa de la Dentista and Me Llamo Victor) as well as an Avengers comic book in Spanish.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we have more raffles and giveaways planned for this month, so stay tuned!

But for those who are interested in Graphic Novels, you can download a 10 page preview of the Toy Story 4 Graphic Novel (link below)

You can also check out these graphic...

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Graphic Giveaway

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 13/11/2019

With the release of a new graphic novel, and Novemeber being the month to show thanks, we wanted to host a giveaway for Spanish teachers. One of the best things about Graphic Novels or Comic books is that the illustrations are a huge aide to comprehension. Also the willingness to read typically skyrockets which means we get to provide our students with enjoyable input, a key component to any FVR time.


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Inspiring Latinas

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 04/11/2019

Something we teased on twitter a while back, we finally finished. We’ve added more famous latinas to our inspiring women bulletin board that we have labeled as “Las Poderosas”. This joins our bulletin board of female presidents from Latin American, titled “Las Presidentas”.

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A 3 day lesson with storytelling

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 03/11/2019

If you haven’t seen our latest video on YouTube, we walk you through a 3-day lesson on using a story. You can watch it below and follow our YouTube channel. If you find any videos helpful, please click on the like button and share them on your social media:

Here’s what you’ll learn:
We talk about using The Storytelling Corner’s product...

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