Ricercatore a tempo determinato (Lingua e traduzione – Lingua spagnola)




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According to regulations.

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A public selection procedure is opened for 1 fixed-term researcher (36 months).
The researcher is expected to carry out frontal teaching activities pertaining to the academic discipline LLIN/07 Language and Translation - Spanish, according to the needs as defined by the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies. The teaching activities will have to deal with Spanish Language (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics) from a synchronic, historical and comparative point of view. 

The researcher will have to carry out a valuable research activity through publications at a good/excellent national level and at an international level, and by taking part in national and international conferences and research teams; furthermore he/she is expected to apply for competitively awarded research grants or to take part in research teams who do so. 




The Selection Procedure is open to both Italian and foreign applicants with a PhD or equivalent degree awarded either in Italy or abroad. Participation is limited to candidates who:

1) obtained a National Scientific Qualification pursuant to art. 16 of Law 240/2010 for the functions of Associate or Full Professor or
2) have used for at least three years, even not-consecutive:
a) contracts according to art. 24, paragraph 3, letter a) of Law 240/2010; or
b) contracts concluded according to Art. 14, paragraph 1 of Law 230/2005;
c) research grants awarded according to art. 51, paragraph 6, of Law 449/1997, as amended, or postdoctoral fellowships according to art. 4 of Law 398/1989, or similar contracts, grants or scholarships in foreign universities;
d) research grants awarded according to art. 22 of Law 240/2010.

For the purposes of the maturation of the minimum period of three years referred to in this
paragraph, the services provided in the types a), b), c) and d) can be combined.

Applicants must be in possession of the requirements laid down at the closing date for the
submission of application to the selection.

Cómo solicitar 

Coloro che intendono partecipare alla procedura selettiva devono inviare la domanda utilizzando esclusivamente l'apposita procedura resa disponibile via web all'indirizzo: http://static.unive.it/domandeconcorso/accesso/rtdb-llin07 (in italiano) e http://static.unive.it/domandeconcorso-en/accesso/rtdb-llin07 (in inglese).

Note: the candidate must fill out the application by completing all the required fields and by attaching all the files required. Only in this moment the procedure shall generate an individual alphanumeric code, which will be forwarded to the email address written in the application. Until the deadline indicated above, it is allowed to make changes to the application and replace the files attached, exclusively by returning in the proceedings with the alphanumeric code access.


For further information, candidates may contact Settore Concorsi phone:+39 0412348269-+39 0412348217- +39 0412347002, email: pdoc.concorsi@unive.it

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