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Building the Danish boar fence (Image credit: NDR)

Fences are popular these...

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Dr Alex Grey and Melanie Fernando in conversation

One of the main reasons why Language on the Move exists is to mentor the next generation of researchers in the...

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Vietnamese is a major community language in Australia. Replica of the Ngoc Lu Drum at Saigon Place, Bankstown, Sydney

The Linguistics Department at Macquarie University is hosting a lecture series showcasing current...

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“Fremdschämen” is a German word that means being embarrassed on behalf of someone else. In Australia, this feeling is frequently induced by the behavior of our politicians. Yesterday, public embarrassment on behalf of our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, resulted when he greeted an Asian-looking woman on the campaign trail with “ni hao”. “I’m Korean”, she responded, and Australians cringed “How embarrassing!

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Professor Katrijn Maryns explains the linguistic transformations that turn “undocumented migrants” into “genuine” or “bogus refugees”

Language is the inescapable medium through which we...

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Language in asylum determinations (Image Credit:

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In memoriam Hans Reich

Publicado en Language on the Move el 13/03/2019

Prof. Hans H. Reich (1939-2019)

The educator Professor Hans H. Reich, who pioneered education-and-migration-related research in Germany, passed away on the 19th of February 2019. The obituary below was first published in German, and translated into English by Hanna Torsh.


With Hans Reich’s...

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Goose Lizzy Fountain, Goettingen: in a city full of memorials to notable men, the most prominent memorial to a woman is to a generic peasant girl

March 08 is International Women’s Day. Therefore, we will explore...

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Students in a Tibetan-medium school in Kathmandu study for their exams. By knowing the number and age of speakers of a particular language, policy makers can better plan for their inclusion as the medium or subject of...

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